What is a Medicines Use Review?

This FREE service involves a consultation with the pharmacist to discuss your medication and how it is working for you. This includes all prescribed medicines such as tablets, liquids, creams and inhalers along with any purchased from a pharmacy, health shop or supermarket (e.g. vitamins, supplements or pain killers). It gives an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about how and why you should be taking your medicines and any problems this is causing.

Sometimes small changes, such as the time of day that you take your medicine, can change how well it works and may improve your symptoms even more. Your pharmacist will discuss the best way to take your medicines with you to ensure you get the most optimal treatment.

The Medicines Use Review is free and will usually last around 10 minutes. It is completely confidential and you and your GP will receive a record of the discussion.

Is the Medicines Check-Up for me?

All of our pharmacies offer Medicines Use Reviews and, if you have been collecting your medicines from one of these pharmacies for the last three months, you may be eligible for a Medicines Use Review. This means that the pharmacist will have more information about you and your medicines so that we can achieve the best results from your Medicines Use Review.

How do I arrange one?

Please pop in or call your local Davey’s Chemist and we can arrange a convenient time for you to call in for your Medicines Use Review. You can find contact details for all our chemists on the contact us page of this site.

Remember, you can always ask your Davey’s Chemist pharmacist questions at any time, even if you do not regularly collect your medicines from us.