Repeat Prescription Delivery
If your GP has given you a repeat prescription we will collect it and deliver it to you, come rain or shine.

Electronic Prescription Service
Nominate Davey’s Chemist as your pharmacy of choice and we will get your prescriptions direct from your GP electronically.

Care at the Chemist
If you feel unwell, with a minor ailment, visit us for a consultation. If you don’t pay for prescriptions, a selected list of medicine can be given without charge.

Medicines Use Review
If you have any queries with your medication, our pharmacists are happy to discuss them with you.

Giving up Smoking
We understand just how difficult it can be to quit - we offer one-to-one advice to help find the best method for you.

New Medicines Service
If you have been prescribed a new medicine we are here to support you and ensure you are safely and effectively utilizing your new treatment.

Emergency Contraception
Should there be a need or if your usual contraception fails, an Emergency Hormonal Contraception service is available.

Sexual Health Advice
With an increasing number of STIs, it has never been more important to take care of your Sexual Health - talk to us in confidence.